Why is Rubber Matting a Great Choice for Home Gyms?

    04 November 2018

Got a personal gym at home? Good on you! However, with all those heavy equipment, you need a good flooring option to keep your floors safe. Carpets can easily tear and fray, which makes them unsuitable in a home gym. What you need is good quality rubber matting to cover the floors of your home gym.

In fact, there are several other reasons that make rubber mats the ideal floor covering for your home gym. Let’s take a look.

Rubber Mats are Strong and Tough

Rubber is a natural material that is popular for its thickness, strength and high resilience to impact. Mats made from rubber can withstand intense movements, absorb the load of heavy equipment and are hardly affected by daily wear and tear.

All of these features make rubber mats ideally suited for protecting the floor in your home gym.

Rubber Mats are Easy to Install

Unlike other flooring choices, rubber tiles or mats are extremely easy to install. You can do it on your own quickly and easily.

Rubber mats do not require any permanent fixing. The rubber mat can be laid on the floor and fixed with strong adhesives or double-sided tapes.

Interlocking rubber tiles are super easy to join and install. You can use as many tiles as necessary depending on the size of the room or a particular area where the gym-equipment has been installed. You can easily add more tiles to expand the rubber flooring or remove a portion if you need to create space for some other purpose.

Use Rubber Matting as a Workout Mat

The best thing about rubber matting gym is that you don’t need an additional workout mat to absorb your weight and prevent injuries. Exercising on hard floors is not only uncomfortable, you may easily fall and injure yourself seriously.

Thick rubber mats, on the other hand, are soft to the touch and make daily exercise more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, being soft and bouncy, rubber mats absorb the shock of a fall so that don’t end up injuring yourself.

Rubber Matting Helps Reduce Noise

You want perfect calm and peace when working out. However, heaving equipment on the hard floor surface is bound to generate a lot of noise and vibration. Rubber mats are resistant to noise and absorb all those distracting sounds so you can work out in peace and quiet.



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