Tips on Selecting the Right Outdoor Rubber Mats

    04 September 2018

The way you decorate the entrance to your premises speaks volumes about your personality and lifestyle. Apart from plants and other accessories, mats too play a vital part in how your entryway looks. The right type of mat can make your visitors feel welcome apart from keeping your entrance clean.

Why Use Rubber for Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are available in different materials, both natural and artificial. However, rubber tops the list because of its unique benefits.

Rubber is extremely tough and just the right material for an outdoor mat. Your rubber mat will not discolour easily even after prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight or extreme rainfall.

Rubber provides excellent friction and the mat will not slip away easily from under your feet. So when you walk in from the rain with wet shoes or have just washed your entryway, you can step on your rubber mat without worrying about losing your grip.

Rubber is easy to wash and maintain. It dries off quickly and is resistant to most washing liquids available in the market.

However, do remember that rubber mats can become very stiff and crack easily in extreme cold. It is advisable to move your outdoor rubber mats indoor during the harsh winter months.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Rubber Mat

Rubbers mats for outdoor use come in myriad shapes, sizes and colours. The right outdoor rubber mat can make your entrance look gorgeous and add to the overall beauty of your house.

The Surface

The prime use of an outdoor mat is to help people wipe off dirt and dust from their shoes before entering the house. For best results, choose a rubber mat with a textured surface. Textures on the surface make the rubber mat more abrasive so that it is easier for people to rub their dirty shoes against it.

The Size

Since outdoor rubber mats come in all sizes, it is important to note the width of your doorway before buying your mat. The mat should be wide enough to fit both feet comfortably. A large mat is also ideal for wiping your feet thoroughly before entering. The mat should cover at least 80% of your entryway.

The Thickness

Outdoor rubber mats are also available in various thicknesses. A thick mat will definitely last longer and will be more comfortable. However, a very thick mat can hamper the movement of the door.

The Colour

Choosing the right colour is crucial when you want your outdoor rubber mat to enhance the look of your entryway. Ideally, the colour should complement the overall look and feel of your entrance.

If the outdoor walls and the door are in a light shade, a mat in bold colour can create a striking effect. Bold colours also look great if you have a lot of greenery all around. And of course, you don’t have to clean your mats too often if they are dark in colour.



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