Slip, Trip or Fall in a public place

    23 April 2018

A fall in a public area or place can be very humiliating but can also cause serious injury.

Facts are that everyday people are injuring themselves from a slip,trip or fall in Australia. All workplaces, public and private venues and shopping malls have a duty of care to ensure this does not happen to the best of there here to see some previous incidents

Shoppers are claiming more than $100 million a year in personal injury payouts from supermarkets after slipping their aisles.

Personal injury lawyers say the number of injured shoppers taking action is rising, with accidents from malfunctioning trolleys, loose rice grains and rogue grapes driving the claims.

Some of the Leading personal injury law firms are dealing with about 10 cases of injured supermarket shoppers in NSW each month.

Who is Responsible to Pay for a Slip and Fall Injury?

If you slip or trip and injure yourself on someone else’s property, and believe the accident was caused by some fault of the property itself, the owner or agent may be liable to pay you.

How can Allway Matting help?

Allway Matting can help you by offering a free onsite assessment to offer you a anti-slip solution so you are not the next company to end up on the news because someone has tripped over a grape. download a free checklist for your company today.

Any Further questions please contact Allway Matting on 1300 255 929 or email



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