Reasons to consider a wool rug for your building

    23 February 2019

By adding a wool rug to your building, you get to enjoy a wide array of benefits. Apart from adding the element of style, rugs also deliver multiple functional advantages. It is important to determine what rug material suits your building the most.

Rugs made of wool makes an ideal option for your building because they are extremely durable and soft. A wool area rug can completely change the decor and ambience of your building.

What are the properties of wool which make it the most preferred rug material?

A healthy rug option

Wool is a non-allergic, hygienic and natural material. It keeps your bedroom free from bacterial growth and dust mites. This makes wool rugs an amazing option for people suffering from asthma. As an added advantage, wool rug provide you with the much-needed grip which is very crucial for things like balancing, for maintaining good posture and to prevent accidents happening.

Naturally flame resistant

Wool carpets are naturally flame resistant and if it does come in contact with fire, it has the ability to self-extinguish itself. Wool rug’s fire resistant attributes include:

  • Does not ignite easily because it has a very high ignition temperature of 570-600° C.
  • A low heat of combustion (the measure of the amount of heat energy released in the burning process)
  • Does not melt or stick while burning
  • Low flame-spread


Apart from being highly durable, wool rugs maintain its luxurious look for many years. Due to its natural strength, it is capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and is resistant to stains too. The wool rug is an excellent choice to elevate the look and feel of your building.


Since wool rugs are biodegradable and can be recycled, it will never turn out to be as waste in long run! Even when the wool rugs turn out to be pretty old it need not contribute to the landfill, it can be recycled and used as several other products.


The chemical structure of wool renders the fiber amazing flexibility and strength. Hence the fiber can be compressed or stretched very easily and reverts to its original shape with ease. Hence wool rugs look exceptionally good for a longer duration.

Wool rugs are stylish, sustainable, authentic, energy efficient, easy to clean and safe for you and your customers. The only way to enjoy the benefits of wool rugs is by experiencing it. Its resilient feature helps in easy recovery from crushes and stains caused by footsteps or furniture. Wool rugs are a beautiful combination of beauty and functionality. Wool rugs are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colours, and designs.

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