Installing a Gym Mat

    23 January 2019

How to Install Gym Matting?

Installing gym matting in your home is quite easy. Simply follow these steps for the perfect fit and finish.
Rubber Roll with Glue

Make sure the sub-floor upon which you are going to lay the gym matting is clean and free from dirt, grime and moisture. Spread the glue on the sub-floor and roll out the rubber mats. Trim the excess rubber once you’ve reached the edge with the help of a utility knife. You would need a carpet roller to firmly set the gym matting in place or if you do not have one, stomp away on the floor and the rubber will be stuck in place.

Rubber Roll With Double Sided Tape

If you are using a rubber roll with double sided tape, roll out the rubber mats and cut off the excess rubber with a utility knife once you have reached the edge. Then gently apply the double sided tape to the perimeter of the roll. Take out the release paper and push down the rubber firmly in its place. It will take about an hour for the adhesive to set. Then use a carpet roller to press down the rubber tight or stomp around till it is firmly set.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles come in three styles: centre, corner and border. Start placing the tiles from the centre of the room and keep going until you reach the edge. Measure the corners and edges and cut tiles to the desired size using a utility knife. You can also start from the corner or border tiles and fill up the centre using centre tiles. They are simple to install as they can be interlocked.

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