Customized floor mats are a great marketing tool for your new project. Through their unique design and custom messaging, they can influence buyers and provide a boost to your business. With customized mats, you can convey your company’s purpose to your target market in an eye-catching manner.

Customized floor mats can play a pivotal role in the success of your project but choosing the right one is crucial.

Be Clear about the Purpose

To make the most of your customized mats, be very clear about their purpose.

Some mats are placed at the entrance to highlight your brand or any promotional campaign that you are running presently. Such mats should be really big in order to maximize customer attention.

You can draw in more footfall using attractive messages such as ‘up to 50% discount’ or ‘sale going on’ and so on to draw in more footfalls.

Some customized mats are great for indoor promotion. With bright colours and a bold message, they can direct customers to the right place where all the action is taking place.

Smaller mats are great for placing on countertops or billing counters where people can see them instantly.
Customized mats can also be a great giveaway that will keep customers happy and ensure customer retention.

Place them Well

The right placement plays a critical role. The right location can maximize the impact of your customized mats. However, you will need to check out the material first.

Customized indoor mats with vibrant photographic images are great for countertops but not that great as entrance mats. These are fancier in nature and cannot withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

For outdoor mats or entrance mats, select spot colour mats in materials that are durable enough to withstand the effects of nature and also high footfall.

Choose the Artwork Judiciously

Promotional customized mats are only as good as their design and artwork. A poorly designed mat will hardly serve its purpose.

Customized mats are available in different shades. So take advantage of this. You can colour coordinate them to match your company branding and have your company logo embossed on mats for better brand recall.

You can even have them made in a shade that matches the colours you have selected for your new product. With the right artwork, customized floor mats can greatly enhance the saleability prospect of your merchandise.