Factors to consider before you shop for an anti-fatigue mat

    23 February 2019

Understanding the differences between quality anti-fatigue matting from poorly made anti-fatigue matting can save you money and avoid leaving you with unintended results. Here are the factors to consider before you shop for an anti-fatigue mat.


The best quality anti-fatigue mats may vary in pricing depending on the environment that they are used in. Several scientific studies have indicated that standing for long periods of time without an anti-fatigue mat can actually have serious health consequences. Therefore, the investment is well worth it even if the cost is slightly more than you want to spend.


Most anti-fatigue mat manufacturers offer guarantees. Check these details to make sure that your product is protected and that you can receive support as needed throughout the lifetime of your product.


Resiliency will have a direct impact on the worker’s comfort level as he or she stands on it. A quality mat should provide a balance of comfort and responsiveness. You can quickly assess whether or not an anti-fatigue has the quality that you are looking for it by testing it to see if it returns to its original shape after it is stepped on. An anti-fatigue mat that is overused, old or has greater pressure applied to it than it can handle will not return to its original shape.


Cleaning is one area that is often disregarded when shopping for anti-fatigue mats. Check to make sure that that the anti-fatigue mat that you’ve selected can be used in the capacity in which you plan to use it, such as a food service or health care environment. This will help you to avoid costly cleaning bills or an anti-fatigue mat that creates unsanitary conditions.


The durability of your anti-fatigue mat is a result of the materials used and its construction. As you search for anti-fatigue mats to purchase, you should make sure that the anti-fatigue mat is well-matched to the conditions and usage patterns of your workplace. For especially harsh conditions, you may also want to seek out an anti-fatigue mat that is abrasion and chemically resistant.

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