Entrance Matting And Its Benefits……

    23 May 2018

Entrance Mats have many great benefits, hygiene, aesthetics, save money and reduce injuries. View our range of entrance matting.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Up to 90% of dirt in the workplace is walked in through the entrance door.  Entrance Matting is the key to stop dirt and moisture entering your building. Our sales team at Allway Matting are hear to assist in assessing your requirements and offering the best solution.  There are specific entrance mats for each specific purpose, fibre and nylon pile mats are excellent at absorbing moisture where as Multiguard 220 Entrance Mats are excellent at collecting dirt, sand and stones from the underside of the shoe.

Entrance Mats Save Money

Re-surfacing or flooring is a large expense.  By using effective Entrance Mats, they assist is collecting dirt at the entrance preventing your floor from being scratched and damaged. This will increase the life of you floors while reducing the need to spend money on cleaning. Entrance Matting is a safe and green means to keep your floor surface clean rather than using harsh Chemicals.

Reduce Injuries

Entrance Mats are excellent in preventing and reducing injuries in the workplace. Many injuries in the work place are caused due to wet floors, If you select the correct Entrance Mat, the moisture should be stop at the door.  Entrance Mat are also excellent in providing a non-slip surface.


There are attractive Entrance Mats.  Select a style that compliment the surrounding style and architecture.  Many Entrance Mats come in a variety of colour and finishes. You can also get customised logo Mats to help promote your products and brands.

For assistance you can call 1300 255 929  or email sales@allway.com.au and one of your sales consultants will be able to assist with your matting requriements.



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