Enhance Your Brand Appearance with Logo Mats

    23 June 2019

Be it indoor or outdoor applications, customised logo mats are a great way to spread brand awareness. A combination of design and function put together helps to set up a seamless marketing strategy. Printed logo mats are highly visible and long term. Their presence can be witnessed at stores near the counter, on the floor, at the door or check out locations. Brands can use this logo marketing technique to promote a product, event or the brand itself.

Where can one use logo mats?

Customised mats are much more resourceful for stationed business with customer flow. Restaurants, hotels, retail stores and office buildings are some places where brand customized logo mats are often seen. According to a recent survey, customers tend to make their purchase choices based on the appeal of store premises. If that is the case, logo mats play a vital role in capturing customers attention.

Logo mats are visually appealing and instant eye-catching material, the design and creativeness grab the attention of the customers. Logo mats contribute in sending a clear message to customers.

They stand out as they are uniquely modelled for your business structure. Also, it tells your customers and employees, how much you care about the brand appeal.

Customise to suit your branding needs

Depending on business requirements and specific needs, customisation is your freedom.

Anti-slip, anti-fragile, entrance mats, you name it, it can be done! Apart from general standard size, mats are customised in various sizes to fit your needs. Shapes need not be symmetric or generalised as square or round. The shape and dimension can be optimized depending on the size of the space.

The Print is another aspect of logo mats, not to mention, it is the important part. The floor can be covered in mats of varied material, using suitable techniques.

They elevate the overall look

Colours talk louder, it’s wise to choose bright and highly visible colours. They grab eyes like no other, which is the whole point. Although, most brands tend to stick to their standard brand logo colors, which is another ideal strategy.

Once you opt your colours, the main challenge you face is the message. If you simply wish to stick to brand logo, it’s a fare game. However, if it’s an event or a particular product that needs to be marketed, it needs special attention.

You can go a step ahead and customize the mat to fit the rest of the premises or the theme of your interiors. This is a classy addition to make everything go hand-in-hand. Human eyes hunger for attractive atmosphere and if you hit the spot, the purpose is fulfilled.

Increases brand awareness

It’s a practical logic which is applied here. Higher the brand awareness, higher is the business flow. The real question is, where and how! It might get a bit irrelevant or at times annoying for customers to see the same thing everywhere. Just as one gets tired of watching a sales commercial every 5 minutes, the same goes with the logo mats.

Play it with perfect strategy. Take a note of the most customer situated areas. Locate the spots that easily falls in the eye. Thoughtfully decide on size, message and positioning accordingly. This goes the same for outdoor logo mat customization.

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