So with customized logo mats, you have an excellent opportunity to create a great impression on your visitors and prospective buyers. They are sure to notice the mats as they walk in and this kind of imprints your company’s name in their mind.

However, the sort of impact a customized mat can have depends on its placement.

Placing them at Entrances or Exits

These two spots are the first and the best options to consider when you are using customized logo mats. These are the areas that have maximum footfall and hence maximum visibility.

Customers and visitors are sure to notice them as they walk in or out of your store or premises. So instead of using a standard rug that does nothing more than keep dirt away, invest in customized logo mats that have the additional benefit of spreading brand awareness.

Placing them in Waiting Areas or Lobbies

Often people visiting an office find themselves waiting in the lobby or waiting area. No wonder then that these areas are a great spot to place your customized logo mats. Visitors are sure to notice them as they wait and this helps to create an excellent brand recall. Most of them are likely to visit you again when they require similar services or products in the future.

Placing them near the Reception Counter

The reception is another busy area that people visit throughout the day. Placing your customized logo mats near the reception gives greater exposure to your brand.

Moreover, with customized logo mats matching your company colours, the reception area looks more organized and appealing. This too helps improve your brand image and adds a professional touch.

Placing them near Display Areas

If you have a designated display area for your products, placing a customized logo mat near it can direct people in the right direction. Visitors are sure to notice them and walk towards the display area to see what’s on offer.

Placing them near Cash Counters

This is another great spot to place your customized logo mats. Cash counters are also busy places and as people wait their turn to pay, they will surely notice the mats.