Different Types of Entry Matting

    17 July 2019

Entry Mats play a vital role in the cleaning and maintenance of flooring as well as assisting in meeting the OHS requirements of Commercial buildings. With over 45 years’ experience, MatTek/Allway Matting has worked closely with property managers and understand the right entry mat for the different level of commercial buildings.

Buildings that receive extreme traffic daily, scissor lifts, trolleys and even cars require a durable and effective entry mat. The most expensive is not the best in this case. Below is the reason why.

Aluminium Extruded Mats

These mats are designed mainly for looks. The fibre inserts are designed to stop moisture but if this is a cheap fibre the mat quickly becomes ineffective. These mats are very expensive to purchase and bend and buckle under heavy traffic making them require regular maintenance and replacement. Our recommendation is to only use these in low traffic areas where there is no heavy machinery (scissor lifts, pallet trolleys) entering the building.

PVC Extruded Mats

These mats are very similar to the above but instead of the aluminium extrusion they have a PVC extrusion. PVC shrinks and expands with weather conditions causing the mat to leave gaps around the edges and potential trip hazards. The PVC extrusion does not absorb moisture but does act as scraper bars to help stop dirt and mud. These mats usually have a cheaper insert in the extrusion which will not absorb large amounts of moisture. We recommend to only use these in low to medium traffic areas.

Rubber Backed Entry Mats

These mats consist of a solid fibre surface which absorbs maximum moisture. Rubber backed mats are economical and effective and they won’t remain buckled due to heavy traffic or machinery. They look fantastic and can be easily installed, maintained and cleaned and are not required to be removed to clean underneath the mats. These mats can be used in all types of areas from extreme traffic with machinery to low and medium traffic entrances.

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