Different Materials for Anti Fatigue Matting

    23 May 2019

We all are aware about the amazing benefits of anti fatigue matting. Presently, there are different kinds of materials that are available in the market to meet every consumer’s needs.

Learning more about your environment or space will assist you in making the right choice. Whether it is your home, commercial or industrial property – there is always an anti fatigue matting that will match up to your expectations.

Listed below are 13 different kinds of materials that are used for anti fatigue matting:

1. Carpet:

Carpets do not offer much when it comes to reducing fatigue. However, they help in improving your footing in wet areas. Secondly, if you’re standing on a cold surface, your feet can be kept warm.

Carpet mats are good when it comes to cleaning your shoe soles and absorbing moisture. They can also be employed as low-cost decorating options. Additionally, they are best when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms and entryways.

2. Gel:

Gel anti fatigue mats are known for their features such as: slip resistance and rugged surface. They are expensive – but are popular for offering high-level of support and fatigue relief.

Gel mats are available in standard and customised sizes. You can also obtain them in various aesthetic options. They are suitable for short to long stationary tasks in kitchens and any wet areas.

3. Foam:

With a thickness between ¼ inches and ¾ inches, they are known to provide medium support and fatigue relief. They are available at affordable prices and are most commonly used in homes.

Denser foams are known to be better than cushy foams. However, the thin and cushy mats are perfect if you are standing on concrete or tiles.

Purchase one with anti-slip properties – if you are planning to have one by the shower, sink or laundry room. Foam mats can be employed for short to moderate stationary tasks. In addition, you can imprint or emboss the mat to meet your needs. It serves perfectly as a low-cost decorating option too.

4. Closed-cell foam:

Meet-and-greet areas, counters or checkouts – closed-cell foam mats are ideal for these kinds of spaces.

Their ribbed surface offers grip and the foam structure will not absorb water. Furthermore, the foam behaves like a sponge-like barrier between the user and the floor.

5. PVC foam:

Made out of closed-cell PVC foam, these mats are durable. They offer relief and comfort when the user is standing for a long duration. With anti-slip properties and a marble-patterned surface, they are perfect mats for sensitive areas like bathrooms. They are oil and chemical resistant. For heavy-traffic areas, they come with interlocking pieces’s

6. Natural rubber:

They provide good grip as they come with a traction surface and bevelled safety edges. For medium-heavy traffic in industrial spaces, natural rubber mats will provide good amount of comfort.

Natural rubber mats are available in interlocking pieces. They are ideal for both wet and dry areas. In addition, they’re available with drainage holes on the surface and studs on the bottom. This helps in keeping it elevated and allows the water and dirt to pass through. They are heavy-grade which makes them long lasting and durable.

7.Foam rubber:

Foam rubber mats are popular because they are highly durable and resistant to cuts and chemicals. This makes them suitable for industrial and dirty environments. Additionally, they’re known for their features like: providing good support and fatigue relief.

The foam rubber mats are available in rolls, standard sizes, and interlocking pieces in order to suit all kinds of harsh environments. You will notice them in garages and wood-shops, as they are constructed for moderate to long stationary tasks. They’re highly useful in wet and dry areas. With their closed-cell foam construction, they do not absorb liquid. Their other notable features are: slip resistant and withstanding chemicals, fats, oils and grease.

8. Nitrile rubber:

Nitrile rubber mats come with anti-slip properties and provide comfort to the underfoot. They are resistant to grease, fats, chemicals and oils. With medium-sized drainage holes, it allows the liquids to pass through and helps in keeping the surface dry.

A grip pattern is present on both sides of the mat and helps to keep it placed on the floor. Additionally, it provides a good form of traction for the users. One of their key features is an antibacterial additive. This makes it suitable for sterile or food preparation environments. Moreover, the additive restricts the growth of bacteria and microbes.

Compared to other anti-fatigue mats, nitrile rubber foam mats provide the best comfort to the user.

9. Hard rubber:

Hard rubber mats can be used for short to long stationary tasks. They offer perfect support and medium fatigue relief. These mats are stiff and durable, and are available in standard sizes and interlocking pieces.

You can use them at work areas such as: machine shops, garages, and wood-shops. As these hard rubber mats have holes or slots – they allow the particles to pass through the mat and onto the floor. It is one of the key reasons, as to why they are extensively used in article-generating and dirty environments.

10. Soft rubber:

The soft rubber mats provide good relief to the users who stand for a long duration. In addition, across the surface, there are large drainage holes making them ideal for both wet and dry areas. The underside consists of a textured surface for better traction on the floors.

11. Bubble rubber:

If you will be standing on a hard floor surface for a long duration, bubble rubber mats will provide good comfort and fatigue relief. Furthermore, bubble rubber mats have bevelled safety edges to help the user from trips and falls.

12. Moulded rubber:

Suction cups are present underneath the mat – and this helps it stay put on any flooring surface. These mats have revamped edges and are available in customised sizes. In addition, for comfort and stable footing, they have a level grid surface. They can be employed in both wet and dry areas and are popular in harsh and demanding environments.

13. Recycled rubber:

Recycled rubber come along with bevelled edges, and are environmentally friendly and durable. These mats are known to provide comfort and insulation against the flooring surfaces that are cold and hard. You will notice them at exercise studios and gyms, along with heavy equipment.

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