Anti-slip Shower Mats That You Should Have in Your Bathroom

    23 April 2019

Once a person reaches a certain age, they might not be able to get around like they used to. As a result, injuries can occur in environments that are generally unsafe even for the average person.

The bathroom is one of the places which is at the highest risk of accidents because of slippery surfaces and wet floors which can lead to injuries, such as scrapes, cuts, broken bones, bruises, hip fractures, and spinal cord injuries.

That is why you should consider installing anti slip shower mats to prevent the chances of getting hurt while taking a shower.

What is an anti-slip shower mat?

Anti-slip shower mats are designed to be applied directly to the bottom of the shower or bathtub. Their main function is to prevent accidents and provide added security while bathing.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Shower Mats

The first main benefit of an anti-slip shower mat is safety. The possibility that someone will fall is greatly reduced as the mat is attached to the bottom of the shower or tub. The second benefit is comfort while standing.

Anti-slip shower mats may be ergonomically design which helps to reduce the strain on the lower body. They are also useful for sitting in the tub. They will support your body and even reduce the pain in your legs and back while you are bathing.

The best part about an anti-slip shower mat is that it can be installed and removed in just seconds. There is no lengthy installation process involved. As soon as it it is placed on the floor surface, it will provide protection as needed.


There are many different designs of anti-slip shower mats available so that you can choose from a wide variety of colours and shapes. You can even use them to improve the look of your bathroom.

If you prefer to keep the mat at a low profile, you can choose for a non-colour option. However, there are also mats available with designs if you prefer to add some colour to your bathroom.

How to Choose an Anti-slip Shower Mat for Your Bathroom

First, you’ll need to decide what is the best material for your needs. Allway Matting offers four different options for shower mats including Aquatile Mat, Gripper Matting, Quadflow Mat, and Tube Matting. All of these options are designed for easy cleaning and transport to and from wet areas as needed.

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