Advantages of using carpet tile flooring

    23 March 2019

Carpet tiles are versatile, durable and ideal for family rooms, playrooms, basements and can also be utilised for beautiful area rugs. They are also known as carpet squares or modular carpet. Modular carpets are a stylish and modern alternative to standard carpet rolls. The popularity of carpet tiles has grown rapidly during the past decade because of many reasons. Here are few advantages of installing carpet tile flooring for your home or business.

Ease of Installation

Most of the time a professional is required for installing a broadloom carpet. However, when it comes to carpet tiles anyone who is handling the project can install it by themselves. Carpet tiles can be installed or removed with ease. All you need to install a carpet tile is an adhesive or a double-sided carpet tape. You can save a lot of money by handling the installation all by yourself.

Easy to maintain

Carpet tiles are not only simple to maintain but are also extremely easy to clean as well. In case a specific area of the floor becomes damaged, only the faulty tile can be replaced without disturbing the complete flooring. Since carpet tiles do not absorb water, they are ideal for high traffic areas in both residential and commercial properties.


Most of the carpet tiles made for your home or business are made using recycled material. Hence it is an ideal option for home and business owners who want to do their bit about conserving the planet.

Endless options

With modular carpet tiles, you can mix and match various colours to create innovative floor designs. For business owners, carpet tiles are a reliable option since the tiles can be designed according to the company’s logo. Carpet tiles can add the much-needed flair to your family room or make your kid’s playroom colorful and creative.

Maintains indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can be a huge concern and have an impact on your overall health, comfort, productivity, and wellness. Carpet tiles are manufactured with recycled materials that don’t contain toxic, petroleum-based chemicals. The dust-capturing feature of the carpet tiles helps in improving the air quality.

Great variety to choose from

Apart from being available in an extensive selection of colours and styles, you can create your own carpet tile design by combining different tile patterns together. Off late, carpet tiles have been in the trend mostly for their aesthetic appeal.

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