3 Reasons why entry mat length is important

    23 October 2017

Just like the quality and durability of the floor mat used, the length of the entrance matting is also a crucial element when it comes to matting.

Some buildings have their entrances divided into sections like the interior, exterior and interim, making matting easier. However, not all buildings follow this structure. In that case, the length of the entrance matting matters. A lengthy entrance matting ensures that most of the floor is covered and protected too.

Here are 3 good reasons that would convince you why the length was entrance matting is vital.

Ensure There’s Enough Space to Clean The Footwear

When we enter a house, though the entrance doormat would be small, we ensure that our footwear is cleaned on the mat before we enter the house.

Well, this is not the case with buildings. None of us stop by the entrance to clean our footwear, do we? With a lengthy entrance mat, this problem is eliminated and the footwear gets cleaned by the time it’s walked upon through the length of the matting.

AllWay Matting recommends the entrance matting that is a minimum of 6 feet long. The mat should be placed vertically so that those who walk on it would walk on the mat onto the entrance of the building. If there are many, around 2000, people who pass through the entrance daily, we advise you to go for an entrance mat that is as long as 9-12m.

Better Moisture Control Of The Floor For Safety

The entrance matting is, often, seen as a floor protector. In most of the buildings, the entrance mats are used to protect the floor from potential dirt and moisture. In this case, if the mat is small, it would not serve the purpose of the product. The floor would get dirty, damp and also make the non-carpeted area soiled.

Since the disabled are also allowed inside, it is not to be overlooked that it takes at least a 2.5m long entrance matting to complete a wheelchair revolution.

If the moisture is not controlled, it could lead to hazardous situations and end up in accidents like falls, slips and trips. In worse cases, death can also be caused due to lack of moisture control on the floor.

Most Cost-effective Way to Clean The Floor

Having the complete entrance floor covered with entrance matting is perfect the most cost-effective way of keeping the floor clean and moisture-free.

The mats not only absorb dirt from the footwear, they also absorb the moisture from the floor, making it safe. With the carpets laid out, it becomes easier to clean the dust or debris from the floor. A good floor matting also ensures the longevity of the entrance floor, saving your expenses of maintaining the floor.

It is always better to have the whole surface of the entrance floor carpeted than getting a portion of the floor matted and worsen the condition of the floor. AllWay is one of the reliable sources of matting in Australia.

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