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The Perfect Entrance and Floor Mats for Retail Stores

First impressions are crucial in the retail industry, and the entrance mat is your chance to impress customers the instant they walk through the door. Here at Matting Industries, we can create stunning personalised entrance mats with your branding in perfect colour.

Not only that, but our soft, ergonomic counter mats can be used to reduce tiredness and muscle fatigue in staff – resulting in happier, more productive workers!

These are two excellent ways of getting customers in the door. For more helpful tips on optimizing your storefront, try reading our free guide: 4 simple ways to turn window shoppers into buyers.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re Apple or a local grocery store: your customers should be engaged and captivated by your brand the moment they walk through the door. A beautifully-printed logo mat is often the first thing your customers see – and it’s an easy way to make a huge impact.

We create entrance mats using the colours, emblem, mantra, or other custom design specific to your business. Thanks to our advanced printing process, we can do exact colour matching to give your mat a polished and professional finish. Not only that, but the print is as sharp and detailed as if done on paper.

Keeps the floors clean

But retail store mats are more than just attractive furnishing; they are specifically designed to whisk away dirt, grime, and water from the shoes of your customers. A dirty floor reflects poorly on the business, but our entrance mats keeps them clean, dry, and professional. As an added bonus, this can help reduce your overheads by significantly cutting your cleaning and maintenance costs.


Most don’t consider it a physically challenging job, but standing around all day behind the checkout is a nightmare for our bodies. Retail workers often spend 6-8 hours, every day, standing in the exact same spot; others move around a bit, but still without a chance to sit down. This causes all sorts of leg and back muscle discomfort, poor posture, and even muscle strains.

Anti-fatigue checkout mats are built to combat this. They are ergonomically designed to promote blood circulation, fueling the body’s muscles with oxygen. At the same time, their subtly bubbled surface encourages micro-movements in the feet, meaning your body is continually moving – a much healthier situation than standing rock-still all day.

In short, anti-fatigue checkout mats lead to happier and better-performing staff, which is an excellent return for the company. They can be made in any size or shape, and tailored to the layout of your store if the stock products aren’t a perfect match.

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