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Top Quality Matting for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings experience a lot of footfall. Not only that, but every visitor is a potential customer judging your brand from the instant they walk in the door.

We designs floor mats which grab attention and impress visitors. Not only that, but they clean dirt and trap moisture from shoes, all while preventing the nasty trips and falls which are commonplace in shops, offices, and large buildings across Australia.

Try reading our quick, free guide on 3 steps to making your building safe on a wet day to learn our techniques for protecting staff and visitors during the wetter months.

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Regardless of the industry, everyone visiting your building has the same expectation: it should be a clean, organised, professional-looking space. For commercial buildings, your entire brand message starts with your entrance mat.

And you don’t even need a personalised logo mat to stand out. Our wide selection of commercial door mats are designed to look high-end and professional – the kind of quality that’s synonymous with your company’s products or services.

Entrance mats for buildings, whether laid inside or recessed into the ground out front, are also your first line of defence against the dirt, grime, and water clinging to your visitors’ shoes. Since our mats whisk away dirt and moisture from shoe, the rest of your building stays sparkling clean, helping enhance your reputation.


On some premises, owners seem to fight an endless battle against the dirty floor: they just never stay clean. The problem is usually a low-quality entrance mat – or even a lack of one. The tough fibres on our mats comb out water and dirt from shoes in order to protect your floor.

A top-of-the-range mat means significantly reduced cleaning costs and a longer lifespan for your floor, with the mat absorbing all the dirt and moisture which would usually cause damage. Water destroys hardwood floors and eventually stains even stone and tile; with our commercial door mats you can put all that repair money back in your pocket.

At Matting Industries, all manufacturing is completed in-house. That’s how we offer the most competitive prices and the highest-quality products on the market. We offer a generous guarantee on all mats and offer a range of sizes, styles, and colours to suit your taste. We can even do made-to-measure mats for those with precise requirements.


Sometimes known as commercial entrance rugs, our mats will save you money and impress your visitors – but that’s not even the best part. The reason commercial buildings need these mats is for safety.

Slipping on a wet floor (or a dry floor with wet soles) can cause a career-ending injury. Many commercial buildings have solid stone or marble floors which offer no traction to wet footwear, and so our entrance mats work hard to brush as much dirt, water, and grime off your visitors’ shoes as possible.

We invest heavily in R&D to produce the most efficient and effective designs, while only using stiff and durable materials to maintain performance over time. But not all mats are created equal: while we can guarantee quality performance for all of our products, some will be better-suited to your building than others.

Do you experience extremely heavy footfall? Is your building in a dry or dusty environment? Will the mat be outside?

Our team can advise you the perfect mat for your building (and budget!) and that service comes free of charge. Whether you’re ready to shop or are still at the ‘tell me more’ stage, we’re ready to help.

Reach out today and let’s find the perfect mats for your building!